The Dashboard gives you a complete overview, How many Enquiries you have today, how many have been handeld , How many prospects are there to be Converted. Everythig to Increase your Conversion.

Integrate your
Website and Calls

Any Lead on your website, any enquiry which has called you or any lead which comes via SMS from any source, All in one place in KOMM KIOSK.


Connect Komm Kiosk with your Websites, with your landing Pages with your callers, even with your SMS and Get Instant Alerts on a New Enquiry.

Enquiry Distribution

What if you are busy and don't have time to sit on your website. Never worry about losing a single lead/enquiry in your absence. The Auto Assign Features assigns the Enquiry to the counselors/executives and Informs your counselor.


You a made a promise to the student,lead to call back tomorrow. Oops! You forget to call. Don't Worry KOMM KIOSK is there to remind you for the follow up.


Don't Have to wait for epbx phone system , any virtual telephony or Call recording system. CALL RECORDING is inbuilt in KOMM KIOSK. You can Listen to how your enquiries are handled.

SMS / Emails

Don't depend on anyone else to do promotion for you. Send Bulk SMS and Bulk Emails from the KOMM KIOSK App on the Go.

Moniter Counselor

Get to know who is your STAR . It is important know who is performing and who is not working.